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A University of Michigan BLUElab Project Team

Sa' nima'





We are a student-run organization by the University of Michigan's BLUElab. Along with our partner NGO, CasaSito, we focus on identifying and executing sustainable development solutions in Guatemala. 

During the summer of 2019, our travel team conducted a needs assessment in the home communities of various CasaSito-sponsored students in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The travel team was also able to establish a partnership with a group of CasaSito-students in Panorama, Antigua to establish an engineering club where students will learn about the principles of socially-engaged design through the development of their own project.

At spring break of 2020, the Sa' Nima' team confirmed the needs identified during the 2019 trip and worked with families to develop solutions for future implementation. Upon their return, Sa’ Nima’ has been focusing on co-developing an engineering project with the students based on the results of the needs assessment and needs confirmation trips.


Our Partners

Mission: Create opportunities for Guatemalan youth to achieve their academic, personal and professional potential, so that they can transform their future.


Vision: To be an association that provides youth with a development program that is both human and professional, in a family atmosphere.

Sa'Nima' Collaborative is a proud partner of CasaSito, a non-profit organization that supports Guatemalan youth and their families through scholarships, educational workshops, extra-curricular activities, and more.

Sa'Nima' works with CasaSito co-designing sustainable technology that supports CasaSito scholarship-recipients and their families.

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